The German ss flag is one of the most iconic of all German WWII flags. It’s made from a beautiful red bunting and measures 180 by 114 inches. It’s in excellent condition with no rips or tears and would be a terrific display piece.

This is an original SS trumpet banner from the inner office of the SS (Reichsführersleitung). It has the SS runes on one side and the standard swastika flag on the other. It also has cloth labels high above the SS runes with RZM SS numbers and the words “RZM SS befohlene Ausfuhrung.” It was probably produced around 1935 when Major General Werner von Blomberg came to national prominence as Minister of Defense in Hitler’s new government.

There are a lot of Pakistani-made false trumpet banners on the market, but this is an authentic SS issue. It is a very rare and interesting flag.

Exploring the German SS Flag: Origins, Meaning, and Controversy

This is a great example of a german ss flag from the first period of the SS, which was the SS-Totenkopfverbande or “SS Division Totenkopf.” It was a unit that was founded to administer the concentration camps for the Third Reich. During the war, it was absorbed into the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf and ceased to exist as a separate unit. This was a very vicious and violent unit that participated in the massacre at Le Paradis during the Fall of France, and later on, the murder of Russian civilians by the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf.

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