amish candles

Amish candles are handmade works of art from the Amish community that add a wonderful atmosphere to your home. From jar candles to colorful muffin candles, these scented candles make for great gifts for anyone who enjoys the simple and rustic style of the Amish lifestyle. Go here

Candles are an important part of Amish tradition and there are many unique Christmas traditions that you can experience when visiting Amish Country. Some of these traditions include candlelit decorations, special meal times and gift giving.

The Warmth of Tradition: How Amish Candles Bring Coziness to Your Home

The Old Candle Barn, located in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, is an Amish-owned shop that specializes in handcrafted candles and home decor. They also have a large selection of Amish-made gifts and are a great place to get the perfect gift for any Amish person in your life!

These Amish-made candles are made the “old-fashioned way.” The candle makers pour hot wax into a ring and dip it in the wax. It takes about 30 dips to create a standard taper.

They come in a variety of colors and are available in both the 12” and 14” sizes. These candles are a must have for any home!

This Amish Quilt scent is a great combination of spicy cinnamon, clove and allspice with sweet vanilla notes. It has a hint of fruit as well which makes it a great holiday scent!

Founders Eric and Janet Sparrow of the Milkhouse Candle Company have strong ties to their Midwestern upbringing and created candles that are cleaner and healthier for our planet. Their soy and beeswax blends are infused with essential oils and natural fragrances for a clean, fresh scent.

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