bali retreat centre

The main benefit of staying in a retreat centers in bali is the location. Ubud town is only 15 minutes away and offers a variety of shops, markets, local warungs, spas and yoga studios. The island’s climate is pleasant all year round, so it’s not unusual to find warm temperatures. Despite the tropical climate, it can be chilly in the rainy season, so it’s best to bring a light raincoat. The location is also convenient for people who travel by air. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is 90 minutes away.

It Is Easy To Go The Bali Retreat Centre

The Bali retreat centre’s central location makes it easy to get to. The centre’s team of Western qualified professionals will help you achieve your goal of a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. The staff will provide guidance and support to make your retreat a success. Guests are encouraged to bring friends and family, and you can meet them while you’re here. You can also attend a yoga workshop or take a yoga class together.

Located five kilometers from Ubud,a paradise of holistic retreats. The lush gardens are home to serene, peaceful environments that allow you to connect with Mother Nature and experience inner healing. A multifunctional compound and 11 spacious rooms provide space for personal and group reflection. The resort’s kitchen is eco-friendly and uses up-cycled furniture and A/C. While there are no amenities on site, the location is central and offers plenty of outdoor activities.

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