A telehandler course is the best way to lift and move heavy loads around on construction sites and for industrial uses. These machines are extremely powerful and can be dangerous if operated without sufficient training or knowledge. Our CPCS 360 telehandler training course will ensure delegates are competent to operate this machine safely and efficiently.

The course consists of a one day CPCS theory and practical test. Successful delegates will be awarded the A77 Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) red card which is valid for two years. This is known as the Trained Operator card and it allows delegates to work with this type of machinery on construction sites.

Telehandler Courses: From Basics to Advanced Training

This new telehandler training category was created by CPCS in 2018 to address concerns over the increased number of accidents involving rotational telehandlers. In particular, the increase in slewing related incidents where the load can be lost or shifted and potentially cause injury to people.

A77 is aimed at those who will be operating a telehandler with full slewing and boom lift capability. It replaces the A17d telehandler (inc 360 slew) category. The A77 category also includes working tasks that involve hoist rope/ winch use which weren’t previously covered by the A17d standard.

The slewing capabilities of a 360 telehandler are incredible. This means that the machine can turn in small circles, giving it a high level of manoeuvrability and making it ideal for tight or hard to reach spaces. This allows the machine to access more areas of a site, and saves you having to move the whole machine. The slewing capabilities also make it perfect for loading/unloading vehicles and static racking.

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