Pinterest best pinterest adsin a similar manner to search engines like Google and, if used correctly, can deliver mind-blowing ROI for brands. Our panel of experts recommended that brands focus on high-quality visuals and creative messaging when launching Pinterest ads, as well as using the platform’s various targeting tactics to optimise campaigns for success.

One key aspect of successful Pinterest ads is that they’re “not too long, and have clear CTAs” which will entice consumers to take action on a brand’s product or service, said Watkins. She also recommends that brands consider leveraging influencer marketing on Pinterest, but cautioned that they should carefully cherry-pick influencers that align with their brand values and identity. “It’s easy to see the disconnect between the influencer and the brand, which can be a turn-off for users,” she noted.

Creating Stunning Pinterest Ads: Best Practices and Examples

It’s also important to keep in mind that Pinterest users explore their home feeds at lightning-speed, so advertisers need to be direct and to the point in order to capture attention and encourage action. Fashion and homeware brand MANGO demonstrated this in its ad below, which utilised simple video assets and bold product imagery to showcase its ‘Comfy’ collection.

The platform offers a range of ad formats and campaign types, including Promoted Pins (static image assets that can be opened or clicked to visit a website), collections ads (which can automatically be created if you have a rich pin catalog), idea pins (“step-by-step DIYs” or brand stories with captions and hashtags), article pins that feature article titles, dates of publication, and author information, place pins that include map, address, phone number, and ratings, movie pins that display ratings and prominent actors’ names, and app pins that feature install buttons. Our experts also advised that brands should consider ad scheduling, as peak times are when users are actively exploring and engaging with Pinterest.

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