Hunting Prices in South Africa

The Hunting Prices in South Africa  price of a hunting safari is comprised of two things: daily rates and trophy fees. Different outfitters have different packages based on the species you want to hunt. For example, a hunt for plains game like wildebeests and impalas will be cheaper than one that includes major trophy animals like Elephant, Leopard and Cape Buffalo.

The amount of money that is spent by hunters visiting South Africa is a subject of great interest for both the country’s government and the public at large. The government and conservation organizations have commissioned research from think tanks such as Economists at Large to determine the economic impact of this activity.

Decoding Hunting Prices in South Africa: Factors, Comparisons, and Budgeting

What is known for sure, is that the hunting industry contributes more than US$ 250 million annually to the economy of South Africa. This figure is based on a survey conducted by the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa and Safari Club International, with a questionnaire that was distributed electronically to 7600 hunters.

Besides the direct expenditures by hunters, this money also stimulates jobs in the country’s economy and creates additional opportunities. This money is mainly injected into rural areas which need it most. Moreover, it is important to note that this money is not from the rich or from individuals but from ordinary people that love to go on adventure and enjoy nature at its best. Many stories have been told about how these dollars have helped local communities.

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