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If you’re looking for new motorcycle tyres, you’ve come to the right place. Motorcycle tyres can make or break your ride. You’ll need the right tread to help you maintain traction on dry roads, and you’ll need a tread that pushes water away from you when it’s wet. You’ll also need to ensure that your tyres are stable while you’re riding. More info –

Motorcycle Tyres Are An Important Part Of Your Motorcycle’s Maintenance

Motorcycle tyres are a critical component of motorcycle maintenance, and they should be checked regularly. Keeping track of your tyre pressure is a good idea no matter how long you’ve had your bike. While you’re at it, you can also adjust the tyre pressure to improve the comfort and grip of your ride. The pressure is different from one bike to another, and you’ll want to check the pressures every so often.

Modern motorcycle tyres are shiny and well-finished, but don’t use acetone on them! Acetone has a high degree of acidity, which can permanently damage rubber and change its oil content. Use a silicone-based lube instead of acetone when cleaning your tyres. These products are safer for your motorcycle, and your tyres won’t get damaged by excessive oil.

Classic Tyres Ltd. has been operating in New Zealand since 2005, and has been selling motorcycle tyres to motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country. Contact a distributor to find out more. When selecting a motorcycle tyre, make sure you choose one that’s rated high on safety and performance. And never forget to keep a spare tube handy to make it easier to change them if you need to.

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