Simplify Facebook Comment Management

As any school social media manager knows, comments are one of the most difficult aspects of managing a social media page. While positive, thoughtful comments are a valuable part of a brand’s online reputation, negative responses to posts can quickly turn into a public relations nightmare.

Simplify Facebook Comment Management , social media platforms like Facebook make it easy to manage negative comments by giving users the option to hide, delete, or disable comments on individual posts. This article will explore the difference between hiding and deleting a comment, as well as how to use these features to your advantage.

In Control: Navigating the Facebook Comment Moderation Tool for a Polished Online Presence

When you publish a post on your school Facebook page, you can control who can see the comment section by clicking the three horizontal dots icon. Select “Who can comment on this post” from the drop-down menu, then choose whether you want to allow comments from everyone, only your Facebook friends, or only you.

You can also manage comments on dark posts (ads you create through Ads Manager) using the Social Inbox feature in NapoleonCat’s Workspace Settings. This allows you to monitor all of your Facebook Pages’ comments in one simple view, and our customers who use this feature have reduced their response time by 66% on average!

With a little knowledge of how to use these features, you can easily keep your page looking professional and avoid negative social feedback from going viral. Remember to always respond to negative feedback in a respectful manner, as it’s only through constructive dialogue that you can resolve the issue and protect your brand image.

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