From the spark of inspiration to a polished, ready-to-be-launched gem, Asia Powerball is truly a labor of love. It takes the visionary spark of an evocative storyline or a fascinating historical event and gives it the fuel of dedication and expertise to evolve into a fully-fledged concept. The production stage is where the idea gets its wings, turning it into a playable video game that can capture the hearts of players across the globe.

In the pre-production phase, a plan is laid out for the proceeding steps of game development. The Game Design Document (GDD) elaborates on intricate game details like genre, storyline, type of gameplay, level configurations, and other important aspects that make up the skeleton of a video game. A similar technical design document known as the Technical Design Document (TDD) points out all the programming building blocks necessary for a game to function. Once the Money Guys are convinced that a game is worth investing in, they give the go-ahead and the serious work starts.

Creating Worlds: A Dive into the Game Development Process

Once the bare bones are in place, a team of video game designers and artists work together to bring the game concept to life. They produce 3D animations, 2D renderings and other creative designs that will eventually be used for posters, online ads, trailers, etc. The art team is also responsible for making sure the final product is consistent with the original game design, matching its aesthetic and creating a cohesive world that will resonate with players.

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