For homeowners in need of help keeping water out of their basements, it’s important to work with a contractor that has a deep understanding of the problem and can offer a complete solution. A good contractor will also provide a free inspection and a clear idea of what the work will entail and how much it will cost.

Healthy Basement Systems, a Long Island-based waterproofing company led by Larry Janesky, is an expert in crawl space encapsulation and basement repair. A dealer for Basement Systems International, a network of top-tier basement and crawl space contractors, the company offers free basement and crawl space inspections to identify problems that could result in dampness or leaking. Healthy Basement Systems provides expert insights during the free inspections and educates homeowners on solutions to address the problem.

Investigate Your Options: Wet Basement Repair Companies Comparison

Another wet basement repair company, BDry, has been around since 1958 and services almost all of the US. The company specializes in fixing leaks in basements, crawl spaces, and foundations, and focuses on providing durable repairs that last. BDry offers free quotes and a lifetime warranty for customers who choose to hire the company.

Most basements get wet when rainwater flows toward the walls of houses instead of away from them, and it’s critical to prevent this from happening. Simple fixes like repairing gutters, extending downspouts and grading soil can prevent this for minimal costs. If these don’t work, a basement waterproofing contractor can install interior drainage tile or piping to direct water to a sump pump system. Crack injections and plastic wall panels can also fend off water, but they don’t completely address the issue.

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