The Hudski Doggler is a very handsome little bike that looks just like a really cool mountain bike. It has all the cool gadgets and gizmos you would expect from such a bike, including multiple speed, gear shifting, and braking. The doggler comes with a sweetheart handlebar, throttle, and brake pedal. This is not your ordinary bicycle. It is a top of the line machine built by award winning designer Brian Szykowny for his company, Slick Kids. He came up with the idea after watching kids riding their bikes over bumpy terrain on their ATVs.

Hudski Doggler


The way it is designed is a fun and cleverly disguised way to make an ATV look and feel a lot more “grown up” while still allowing you to go really fast. The “doggler” (as he calls it) was designed as a short, upright position bike that allowed the rider to have a smooth and easy ride instead of the usual longer, slouched position you get with an electric bike. It also has a sweet and powerful motor.

The engine is a monster of a thing and you will want to be careful when riding it, but this thing will blast through rocks, jumps, and down hill without slowing down or burning out. There are a few different brands and models of the doggler and we wanted to test them all. The first bike we will take a look at is the Hudski Doogler, which is powered by a 250cc engine. This is the higher end of the range, but it will fly right over anything you throw at it and will give you a good time.

The other bikes in the hudski doggler range are all aimed at the beginner rider who doesn’t know a whole lot about mountain biking and isn’t all that concerned with power and speed. They are all electric bikes and come in the standard version and the dual hudski models. In addition to these you can also get a model with a direct clutch and a dual chain guard (one on each wheel).

The parts of the doggler are just as varied as the bikes. You can get the standard components, which are shock absorbing enough, but the dogglers are much better when it comes to mountain biking performance. They are built for speed and they are much lighter than you would normally expect for a mountain bike. They are built with a geometry that takes into account everything from head tube angles, to tire length, to the positions of the rear wheels. This means that the doggler is perfect for people who like to go fast and who like a bike that can take them places and feel solid all the way through.

As you can tell the company has put some time and money into developing a great bike that will handle well on any terrain. The best part is that you won’t need a license or insurance to ride the hudski doggler build kit because it is considered a mini bike. That means that you can get off the beaten path and have some fun without worrying about what kind of insurance you have. The company has several different colors to choose from as well as an option for a custom paint job. The combination of all of these things make the hudski doggler build kit a great bike to have.

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